Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pameran The Idealisation of Bali

Sebuah pameran bertajuk The Idealisation of Bali diadakan pada 24 July 2009 di Damping Gallery, Banjar Kutuh Kaja, Ubud, Gianyar. Rencananya pameran yang digelar hingga 7 Agustus 2009 ini melibatkan 31 seniman perupa. Mereka adalah Made Suta, Made Sunarta, Made Madra, Ketut Sumadi, Nyoman Lidrayoga, Wayan Naya, dan masih banyak lagi.
Karya-karya yang ditampilkan menggambarkan Bali secara realis, demikian menurut budayawan Perancis Jean Couteau. Meski dianggap tidak berubah dari gaya keemasan Ubud tahun 70an, tapi terlihat ada suatu perubahan tertentu jika karya tersebut dicermati lebih jauh. Pemilik Damping Gallery Wayan Sutarma pun memiliki pendapat serupa. Ia mengharapkan ada regenerasi seni rupa Bali melalui pameran-pameran yang rutin diselenggarakan.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mengapa Bunga Penting Bagi Orang Bali ?

Di dalam kehidupan sehari-hari keberadaan bunga-bungaan tak bisa dipisahkan dengan kehidupan manusia di Bali. Hampir dipastikan bunga adalah kebutuhan pokok orang Bali yang religius. Di dalam canang sari untuk persembahan selalu penuh dengan bunga. Pria atau wanita Bali pun suka menyematkan bunga di telinga. Para gadis banyak yang suka mengikat bunga cempaka atau kamboja pada helai rambut mereka. Patung-patung pun terkadang disematkan bunga. Sungguh akrab memang orang Bali dengan bunga.
Bagi manusia Bali mungkin hal ini sudah biasa, tapi bagi orang luar Bali kadang mengundang pertanyaan dalam hati : "mengapa demikian?". Logikanya sederhana saja, ketika seseorang melihat kearah sekeliling mencari simbol keindahan, kesucian, wewangian dan kesegaran yang paling baik, matanya biasanya menuju pada bunga-bunga. Semua manusia normal pasti tersentuh hatinya ketika melihat bunga-bunga yang mekar begitu indahnya. Bagaimana perasaan anda begitu melihat bunga-bunga yang menurut anda begitu indah? Pasti ada perasaan tertentu dalam hati kan? Begitu juga halnya dengan orang Bali, bunga diharapkan dapat memperkuat perasaan cinta kasih yang menjadi menu wajib dalam hidup. Wewangian bunga memancarkan perasaan cinta dan romansa. Bukankah memberikan bunga kepada orang yang terkasih adalah hal yang lumrah di seluruh dunia?
Demikian juga halnya dengan aktivitas spiritual di dalam berhubungan dengan Tuhan. Manusia Bali ingin sekali menyerahkan ketulusan hati sebagai persembahan yang utama. Hal itu berusaha diwujudkan dengan simbol-simbol duniawi berupa hasil pertanian dan tentu saja tidak lupa juga bunga yang telah menjadi simbol cinta yang universal.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ahh.. setelah sekian lama ini adalah postingan pertama saya di tahun 2009. Sungguh memalukan sebagai seorang blogger sampai absen sekian bulan. Hehehe... tapi tak apa-apalah habisnya saya sibuk dengan pekerjaan sekalian juga bikin web untuk dagangan saya yang kecil-kecilan. Hehehee... kalo pemirsa mau tau (weleh.. pemirsa..emang kuis *_*) silahkan saja mampir ke toko saya di Atau coba aja mampir ke blog saya yang satunya lagi. Mudah-mudahan ada dari pemirsa yang tertarik dan beli produk saya. Tapi mohon dimaklumi juga kalo seandainya masih ada perbaikan di sana-sini.
Well, thats all... sampai saat ini hanya ini yang terpikir oleh otak saya. Inilah postingan pertama di tahun 2009, tunggu saja postingan selanjutnya ok...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sanur Beach Bali

Attracting guests from everywhere the planet with its intense natural beauty, Sanur Beach will be found within the south of the Indonesian island of Bali. Sanur Beach could be a great spot to explore on foot, as there's solely lightweight traffic here, whereas those that time the time to easily wander with encounter a large vary of various attractions along the approach that embody gorgeous temples, attention-grabbing and informative museums and areas of intense natural beauty.

- Sanur Beach
The perfect place to urge aloof from the hustle and bustle of recent life, Sanur Beach is fringed by palm trees and boasts powdery sand lapped by sparkling blue water. Whereas pure relaxation is on the market for those that merely need to unwind for a moment, variety of various aquatic activities are out there, together with parasailing, surfing, snorkelling, windsurfing and in fact swimming.

- Le Mayeur Museum
One of the area?s most prolific figures, Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpes, the Belgian artist arrived on Bali back in 1932. Simply 3 years later he married lovely Legong dancer Ni Polok, and therefore the couple moved to a fascinating compound in Sanur, that was a quiet fishing village at the time. Whereas Sanur has developed dramatically since this point, the house has remained unchanged, and served as a tribute to the present purpose in history furthermore because the life and times of the good artist.

- International Kite competition
Held within the Padang Galak space in July, the International Kite competition could be a nice time to check the individuals of Bali at their best. Huge kites within the form of birds, fish and leaves are flown by groups of ten or a lot of individuals, and therefore the whole of Bali gets concerned during this vibrant event. those that are about to visit Sanur throughout the International Kite competition can need to rearrange their space in one among the leading Sanur Beach hotels well earlier, as accommodation fills up quick at this point of the year.

- Mangrove data Centre
Nature lovers can wan to require a visit to the Mangrove data Centre, which may be found simply a ten-minute drive from Sanur. Open from 08:00 to 16:00 on Monday to Saturday, this space of intense natural beauty has been established so as to clarify the importance of preserving the mangrove forests to guests and college kids.

- Pura Blanjong
One of the oldest and most traditionally important sites within the whole of Bali, Pura Blanjong could be a temple that options an engraved pillar recounting the history of the realm.

- Bali Orchid Garden
Situated conveniently near the guts of Sanur, the Bali Orchid Garden could be a great spot to unwind. This relaxing natural setting contains a formidable assortment of enchanting orchids that stay in bloom all throughout the year. A spread of special events and functions are held at the Bali Orchid Garden, creating this an excellent place to host conferences and different activities.

- Gallery Santrian
Culture vultures are in their part at the Gallery Santrian that is an open-air art area that may be found within the massive and wonderful Griya Santrian compound. This is often the right place to admire the work of a full host of famous Indonesian artists, together with Le Mayeur de Mempres, Syahrizal Koto, Auw Kok Heng and Sujana.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Indonesia is A Huge Destination

Most Indonesian would like to see Indonesia, however haven't gotten the prospect to try to therefore. There are several scenic photos that may facilitate to captivate the sensation that one might need when rolling across the crisp white snow with a dog-drawn sled. For the foremost half, it's not laborious to search out an image or 2 of the pristine valleys and rivers, however to essentially see the land and wildlife up shut and private may be a whole totally different story!

If and once you get the prospect to step foot on the gorgeous land that's called Komodo Island, there are some places that you simply won't wish to miss on your journey. Listed below are some of the foremost fashionable destinations whereas visiting Indonesia!

If you ever get the prospect to require a cruise to Indonesia, it's completely recommended! There are several stunning coastal cities that you simply will read on your manner around Indonesia, including: Sumba, Flores and Timor. Once you get a glance at the read from the deck of a ship, it's a scene that you simply can doubtless always remember.

If you're like most travelers, then one amongst the primary belongings you might imagine when somebody mentions Indonesia are the unimaginable mountains. Though there are several images of those mountains floating around, there's nothing just like the unimaginable read in person!

While sightseeing may be a huge a part of the holiday method, it's additionally equally necessary to be properly ready for your trip to Indonesia. It's particularly imperative that you simply are responsive to the present atmospheric condition once you are packing and traveling. In a very moment's notice, it will become quite hot and cold in Indonesia, therefore it's suggested that you simply keep a jacket close to in the slightest degree times.

In Indonesia, there are times of the year that "never end"; generally, the sun does not set for weeks at a time! These times of the year extremely facilitate with the event of Indonesia's fruits and vegetables. Indonesia is acknowledged as having stunning crops of lettuce and strawberries.

When you are on your vacation within the stunning land of Indonesia, make certain you are taking many pictures! Make sure to pack enough film and/or memory cards and travel accessories for your camera so you do not miss a second of your trip.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Indonesia could be a stunning island nation that draws travelers for its tranquil locales and for the innumerable sightseeing spots. This country is dotted with sun-kissed beaches, dense inexperienced jungles, undulating mountain ranges and vast expanses of paddy fields. Indonesia conjointly has wealth of culture and tradition. All the islands boast exceptional work of arts and handicrafts. Indonesia Tours conjointly embraces these aspects of the country. Given below are some vital Indonesia Tours:

Sightseeing in Indonesia offers tourists with kinds of choices. Indonesia being the most massive archipelago within the world has varied big and little islands. Surrounded by deep blue Ocean and lined with dense inexperienced tropical forest, Indonesia is just a fascinating land. Sightseeing in Indonesia makes for an unforgettable holidaying within the country.

Shopping in Indonesia offers tourists with a good vary of various styles of product. Tourists will fancy searching in any of the islands within the country. From wood cravings things to batik things to food things, searching in Indonesia could be a thrilling expertise. Searching in Indonesia could be a fun stuffed expertise. The outlets within the country embody from ancient outlets of native wares to international departmental stores. The country has some places that are ideal for searching nice stuff.

Restaurants and Bars in Indonesia

Restaurant and Bars in Indonesia takes tourists into a culinary journey of the Indonesian islands. Indonesian islands attract folks for the wonderful natural sightseeing places, exotic beaches, wealthy cultural heritage and distinctive cuisine. Holidaymakers within the islands create dining an integral a part of their Indonesian trip and Restaurant and Bars in Indonesia caters to the tourist's interest during a skilled means.

Things to do in Indonesia
Many Things to try and do in Indonesia embody sporting activities, entertainment, searching and happening nightlife. With numerous myriad activities within the country, tourists of all age teams will certainly notice one thing of their alternative.

The guests also can notice many enchanting islands dotting Irian Jaya. The Irian Jaya Tourist Attractions captivate the imagination of the international travelers visiting this fascinating province. The Tourist Attractions in Irian Jaya also can be found within the western and eastern part of the province. These regions have well-developed infrastructure creating it straightforward for the travelers to access these regions simply and conveniently.

The Cendrawasih Bay Marine National Park is one amongst the highest Tourist Attractions in Irian Jaya. The Cendrawasih Bay Marine National Park boasts of housing a comprehensive vary of aquatic and marine lives that are an enormous draw for the travelers. The World War II Quarters of General Douglas Mc Arthur is one amongst the sumptuous Tourist Attractions in Irian Jaya. The World War II Quarters of General Douglas Mc Arthur acted because the main army base for the Allied forces throughout the globe War II.

Friday, January 2, 2009

West Bali National Park

The island paradise of Bali has forever been blessed by the attractive breathtaking panorama, each natural and man-made.

From its majestic mountains to its luxuriously elegant Bali villas for rent till its world-class crashing surfs and friendly Balinese individuals, Bali, suitably named the island of the Gods, is additionally blessed for its Bali nature parks and Bali National Park.

A traveler's paradise, Bali isn't solely known for its myriad of Hindu Temples however is additionally known for its Bali parks that are made in many habitats, wildlife, flora and fauna, and verdant landscapes and forests, which is able to cause you to fall in love with the island.

Bali parks in conjunction with its gardens are pretty much a region of Balinese character.

West Bali National Park

One of the Bali nature parks located west facet of the island paradise is West Bali National Park. Covering around one hundred ninety sq. kilometers of land and ocean, West Bali National Park boasts of a pretty panoramic, contemporary atmosphere and distinctive nature ecosystem, creating it one amongst the highest tourist destinations in Bali.

Showcasing nature conservation with pure ecosystem, this lush nature park is comprised of many habitats like a savanna, mangroves, montane and mixed-monsoon forests, and coral islands, with the middle of the park dominated by remnants of 4 volcanic mountains from Pleistocene era, with Gunung Patas its highest elevation.

Boasting of long beach, reef and islets to the north, a seaport to the west and therefore the village of Goris to the east, Bali West National Park is home to some one hundred sixty rare species of floras and faunas together with the Banteng, Barn Swallow, Black-naped Oriole, Black Racket-tailed Treepie, Crested Serpent-eagle and therefore the critically endangered Bali Starling the island's mascot among others.

If one is lucky enough, he could have a glimpse of the rare barking deer during this park, excluding many varieties of monkeys, leopards, and civets.

Bali Barat National Park

Located within the most western a part of Bali, Bali Barat National Park was founded mainly to guard the Bali Starling and therefore the last of the wild bull, from that most of the Balinese cattle descend.

Comprising of a complete space of 19,000 ha, Bali Barat Park is mountainous and boasts of a primary monsoon forest, mangrove forest, lowland rain forest, savanna, ocean grass vegetation sorts, coral reefs, sandy beaches, and each shallow and deep ocean waters.

Surrounded by six villages with a varied ethnic population, from the Balinese, Javanese, Madurese and Bugis, the peninsular Prapat Agung, with its intensive net of footpaths, is that the most accessible a part of the park.

Easily accessible from Gilimanuk, Bali Barat National Park is home to one hundred seventy five species of plants, of that fourteen are endangered species like bayur (Pterospermum javanicum), ketangi (Lagerstroemia speciosa), burahol (Stelechocarpus burahol), cendana, or sandalwood (Santalum album), and sonokeling (Dalbergia latifolia).

The Park additionally not solely boasts of concerning one hundred sixty totally different species of birds, creating it a paradise for bird-watchers, however additionally of wildlife, consisting largely of ocean and shore birds, the foremost conspicuous being the Brown Boobies and Lesser Frigate birds.

If you wish to snorkel and see the colorful corals, move to the world of Menjangan Island where hectares of colorful coral reefs are found.

Now, if you're interested to expertise and relishes Bali nature parks, one will keep in Bali's famous villas for rent.

Bali isn't solely famous for its Bali nature parks however additionally for its giant assortment of personal villas for rent, complete with workers and top-class levels of service.

These personal villas are found largely within the bigger Seminyak space (Seminyak, Umalas, Canggu), within the south around Jimbaran and Uluwatu, in Sanur and round the hill city of Ubud still as Lovina in north Bali.