Sunday, July 31, 2011

Agro Tourism Village in Bali

There is no less than 10 cultivars of Bali snake fruit (Salak Bali). In general, the excess salak bali that stands out is sweet and small seeds. The fruit is oval, has scaly skin and yellow slightly brown color. It feels special, very sweet and crunchy texture. Seeds are also small and usually numbered 1-2 in each fruit. Bali snake fruit size is relatively small.

If you want to enjoy Salak Bali directly from the tree, you should try to visit the agro-tourism
Sibetan village. This village famous for its snake fruit, located in Karangasem, east Bali, exactly in the District Bebandem-about 83 km from Denpasar or 15 km from Amlapura.

As one tourist destination in Karangasem, Sibetan Village offers a panoramic view of nature (agro tourism). Situated at an altitude of 400-600 m above sea level, with an average temperature of 20 º -30 º C, the average rainfall is 1567 mm-20 000 mm per year. The climate is cool and fresh air makes this plant suitable to grow in this area. The fruits which produced by this village is renowned as the Salak Bali which has its own flavor and different kind of fruit from other regions in Indonesia.

That is why it was developed as an agro tourism village. Here tourists can find a variety of flavors and vegetation of snake fruit. The extent of Salak garden in this area is also interesting to watch.
Approximately 81.12% Sibetan area, which is 1.125 million hectares, is converted into a garden of snake fruit. Thus, about 14 varieties of salak vegetation can be found in this area. Tourists can watch the process of harvesting the fruits, including marketing.

source : berita bali

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bali Rice Terraces : Jatiluwih

Jati luwih is one of tourist attraction with a fine looking panorama. Variation of panoramic rice terraces, steps against the background of wooded mountains, is categorized as natural attractions are as exciting to Kintamani and Lake Batur.
Jatiluwih have cool air being located at an altitude of 7000 meters on top of ocean level. Additionally to its natural potential, Jatiluwih have the potential cultural story of historical events, particularly the development of a temple that connection with the name of one powerful king Ida Dalem Waturenggong Gelgel (1460-1551).
This tourist attraction is found forty eight km from Denpasar. It is located twenty eight km north of Tabanan city. Also had visited by local and foreign tourist who wants to relish the cool and the beauty expanse of rice terraces.
Jatiluwih is a true nature as a tourist attraction has been known since the Dutch power Bali (1910-1942). However the road that connects to the site is broken, then not all the tourists who visit there relish the attractive panorama. Poorly maintained condition lasted till 1970 and thereafter with the assistance of presidency funds, infrastructure development increasing attention. It seems that asphalt roads are engineered that may elevate the name Jatiluwih to be natural attractions for guests.
The tourist attraction has been equipped with parking facilities, toilets, and gazebos. Around the object has been engineered many restaurant in getting ready food and drink service. Roads are becoming upgraded in order that vehicles will enter from the east path is thru the T-junction of Pacung towards Jatiluwih.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ecotourism Development Programs in Manado

Manado local government allocated Rp 98.5 billion to support development programs based ecotourism in the next five years, from 2010.

"The funding of this magnitude we needed to build and develop public facilities based on ecotourism in Manado start from Bunaken District until Malalayang Distric, also the government has already made pre tourism development design the next five years," said Deputy Mayor of Manado, Alfredo Benfica Mangindaan. From this pre-design of tourism the government hoped it would improve the social life based ecotourism Manado, especially to create a green and fun city for everyone who came to this city.

To this Mangindaan say, a number of designs have been prepared, such as: to build the “Raja Laut” Monument, Tongkaina District. Construction of tourist centers in Tuminting and Bunaken to further highlight the coastal areas, and construction of tourist center in Malalayang complete with supporting facilities and the development of religious tourism sites “Bukit Goa” on Mount Tumpa.

"In fact there are still plans to build several other tourist sites which equipped with supporting facilities, to provide convenience to citizens and all visitors to Manado," said Mangindaan.

Other jobs that will be undertaken by the government for Tuminting-Bunaken are concrete construction (north and south side), breaking wave pilings (north and south side), some buildings and dock.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

History of Tanah Lot Temples

According to legend, this temple was designed by a Brahmin who wanders from Java. He is a successful Hindu Priest called Dang Hyang Nirartha. He was strengthened the assumption of the Balinese Hinduism and build six important temples which protected Bali Island on the sixteenth century. At that point the ruler of Tanah Lot, Bendesa Beraben, jealous of him as a result of his followers began to go away and follow Nirartha.
Bendesa Beraben told the priest to go away from Tanah Lot. Nirartha agreed and before leaving Tanah Lot, with his strength he moved huge stones to the center of the beach (not into the sea) and designed temples there.
He also modified her scarf into a snake to be temple’s guard. The snake continues to be there nowadays and scientifically this snake, as well as species of ocean snakes that have a characteristic flat tail sort of a fish, striped yellow and black color has three times tougher venom than cobra. The end of the legend states that Bendesa finally turned to Nirartha’s follower.

North of this site there's a temple situated on a cliff jutting into the ocean. This cliff connect with the land and formed sort of a bridge, arched so. If you go all the way down to the beach between the cliffs and Tanah Lot, then in an exceedingly explicit month you'll see my version of the best sunset. Sun red ball are right within the holed cliff. Looks like an eye that tired observing the globe. Unfortunately this scene only happens in sure months when the sun is sinking inclined to the north.

Want to Shopping? Come to These Places

Shopping could be a terribly famous activity for tourists. You can find retailers everywhere in Bali within the hope of obtaining numerous tourist guests as customers! I've return up with eight destinations for you to go to. The more important is you can give direct effect for local merchant.
Denpasar being the capital of Bali is that the main "market" for the Balinese. Kumbasari market, that is nearby Badung River, is that the biggest ancient market. It is the right place to induce an insight into the standard Indonesia market where native individuals do their daily searching. Fruit, vegetables and meat is found within the basement; on the second level is that the place for spices and dried goods; whereas household wares, clothing, art and craft is on the third level. Here you'll get a awfully sensible worth if you are sensible in bargaining. To seek out handicrafts, shoe retailers and restaurants, you'll head towards the northern a part of Gajah Mada Street. To the east is Sulawesi Street, where you can get textiles and materials. On either side of Sulawesi Street, you'll notice retailers providing household wares. The realm here is incredibly colorful with every type of fabric from the standard "songket" (cloth woven with strands of gold or silver) to modern-day stretchy and glossy material. Why not get your cloth by the meter and have a suit or dress created up by an area tailor. On the west aspect of the market is that the place for locals to shop for coconut leaf and ceremonial provides. Within the southern half is Hasanudin Street where you can see gold and jewelry retailers, tourists are invariably welcome.
Ubud is well-known for fine arts with international commonplace. This can be where you'll get the most effective Balinese culture arts and crafts. Highly-regarded art galleries like Sumertha, Neka, Agung Rai, Rudana and Sika are highly counseled. Massive names like Hans Snel and Antonio Blanco is suggested too but they will be very expensive.
The Kuta space
As a world village most of the retailers and restaurants here are for tourist market. You'll notice handicrafts, clothing, jewelries, CDs, furniture and leather crafts on either side of the road. However you'll conjointly see several street hawkers with their varied offerings along the road. If you are doing not wish to shop for something from them, don't create eye contact and don't ever examine their merchandise, for if you are doing, they'll follow you along the road and pester you to shop for one thing.
This place provides various sculptures made from stone. You'll notice varied quite sculptures here starting from ancient to minimalist, little to massive, low-cost to expensive :) The craftsmen will sculpt random and custom orders and even ship them to your home address back in your country.
This space is in style to buy for Balinese arts. If you raise the locals where to induce the most cost effective Balinese arts and crafts, Sukawati are going to be their answer. Besides arts and crafts, you'll conjointly notice statues, paintings, cloth, Balinese jewelries and conjointly Balinese ceremonial desires,
Here you can find wood carvings of flowers, objects and additional are displayed gracefully along the road. Various woodcarvings is found during this village and its nearby neighborhoods at low-cost prices! Here's the place to essentially master the art of bargaining.
The village to buy for something made from Bamboo! Yes practically everything from furniture to mats to window blinds! The villagers are dedicated at creating use of Bamboo for his or her crafts. You will be amazed at their talent and creativity!
This is where the native Balinese are located. The "Bali Aga" village in Karangasem, is that the solely village in Bali that produces the sought-after Balinese ancient textile called Geringsing. The material is all made from the encompassing nature. To method Geringsing cloth, ancient ways rooting back to the previous Balinese times are used. The material is incredibly delicate, sturdy and long-lasting therefore the expensive worth tags! No chemicals are utilized in the method and nice care is taken.

Reasons to Visit Bali

Going on vacation to somewhere exotic can bring many advantages. Everything are along once more, thus will your family, they'll get pleasure from the holiday along. Your mind refreshed and our enthusiasm, our senses to surrounding can increase conjointly. When returning home from your vacation you'll be happier, healthier, and far more practical in addressing stress. Don’t consider your work is that the key component when having an amazing vacation aloof from your home. You'll not be able to have the advantages of vacation time if staying on your house.
Bali can be the excellent selection for your vacation getaways. Your vacation within the paradise island can have you ever free from stress whereas having fun activities together with your family. Below are some reasons why you ought to select Bali as your vacation getaways.
1. Education: Learn the new culture of Bali. If you've got your morning walk or by using bicycle round the village of Bali you will notice additional regarding the culture means of the Balinese and your children will notice it fascinating also.
2. Relaxation: you'll have a relaxed vacation if you decide on to own your family vacation in Bali. simply value more highly to keep in one among the personal villas in Bali and you'll have the privacy and really relaxation you never dream off.
3. Meeting with Balinese individuals and culture: you'll experiences the distinctive culture of Bali Hindu faith with all its ritual and festivals. Get pleasure from the experiences completed with the slower pace of life that quite completely different from where you come back from.
4. Wonderful sight seeing: You and your family can never run out of things to envision and do within the island of Bali. There are sights seeing for everyone.
5. Get along: Bali Island can provide your family the sensation to urge together once more when long hours of works. You'll love the white sandy beach that you just have in Bali for your vacation, the proper destination for family.
6. Memories: when reading the full things what Bali Island should give you, it is really easy to own some fun in Bali and your memory of getting fun in Bali can continually be remembered.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rafting in Telaga Waja

The river surrounded by a beautiful landscape of paddy terraces and canyons of tropical jungle, with mystical Mount Agung to the north. The river is very famous for its rapids, which are considered wilder than those in the Ayung River. In summer, the adventure of white water rafting is somewhat safer than in the rainy season, because during the rainy season the water flows is some extremely fast. Also the water level is so high and we can not see the big rocks underneath. If you a pro, go ahead!
There is nothing more enjoyable than padding a rubber raft trough the lush green canyons and being splashed by cool water. Telaga Waja River located in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali. The river length is about 12 km.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Balinese Food Which I Never Eat More Than 5 Years

Hey guys, last night I just think about a food that I never eat for more than 5 years. It's a kind of food which woman dislike to cook but like to eat. Yes, It is an eel. Actually it's a common food for Indonesian people.
This animal can cooked in simple way: wash and fried it. Then eat it with rice. I show you the image of eel, before and after cooked.

Interesting to see how these scary animal change into delicious food. So, where we can get this creature? Simple, usually Balinese people walk trough the wet rice field at night to catch this eel by fishing them. While we are sleeping, the eel start their activity and come out from their holes. This is the right time to catch them as many as you like.