Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Villa Smile - a three bedrooms luxury holiday villa in Seminyak Bali

Villa SmileVilla Smile, alongside Villa Dream and Villa Joy makes up the Luxury residence of Villa C2 Complex. Set in the heart of Seminyak, Villa Smile is the perfect location for both a relaxing break, or for a holiday full of wining and dining. Seminyak is famed for its' endless fashionable shopping and boutiques, as well as its' exclusive nightlife, and highly acclaimed restaurants such as "Living room" and " Ku De Ta."
Seminyak is just a thirty minute drive from the international airport, and a short drive from the Legian and Oberoi districts of Bali, that continue in their popularity alongside Seminyak. Literally steps away from the beach, Villa Smile and the C2 Complex boast the perfect location, seclusion always available, but all amenities and the high life of Seminyak just a stone's throw away.
At Villa Smile, all three bedrooms are en suite and air conditioned, boasting queen sized beds, as well as TVs in all rooms, ceiling fans, and safety deposit boxes.
Here at Villa Smile, step out from the semi open plan living and dining areas onto the terrace which meets with the swimming pool. Here we find loungers and relaxation areas to ensure you the ultimate comfort during your stay here. Also at Villa Smile, we find a fully equipped kitchen, where the in house chef can prepare your meals and discuss dietary requirements with you.
Villa Smile has a team of ever discreet and discerning staff on hand to ensure the most memorable stay here at this luxury Seminyak villa. staff include a villa manager, cook, housekeeping staff and a dedicated team of security guards.
A summary of facilities and services available to you here at Villa smile, with the Villa C2 Residence in Seminyak are three luxury en suite bedrooms with both ceiling fans as well as air conditioning, living and dining areas, fully fitted kitchen, Cable TV in all bedrooms, DVD players and extensive DVD collection.
We step outside on to the terrace where we find the swimming pool with various loungers and loungers and relaxation area, ensuring comfort and relaxation. Internet is available throughout the villa and grounds by Wifi connection.
The gardens boast superb, subtle lighting, creating a relaxing ambiance both at day and night time.
On request here at Villa Smile are available infant and baby beds and high chairs, laundry and dry cleaning services, use of a car and driver for a certain period of hours daily, and a baby sitting service.
Included in your stay here at Villa Smile are complimentary airport transfers on arrival and departure, welcome refreshments and cold towel on arrival, a daily fruit basket prepared of the freshed, traditional fruits, and a free daily breakfast.
Villa Smile and the Villa C2 Residence make the perfect destination for anything from small families to large parties, there being a total of eight bedrooms to rent throughout the complex, accommodating up to sixteen guests in true luxury Bali villa.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Reason to Rent Villa in Seminyak

Bali is a great tourist destination for several years. The natural beauty of the island, the incredible beaches and the friendly local people are just one of the reasons that make this island to be so popular. It is by far the top getaway area for different types of characters around the world. In Bali there is something for everyone. Regardless if you are there with your family, with girlfriend or you are single looking for an adventure, Bali is the place where every people want to visit.

If you want to get the most of your holiday in Bali then rent a villa is the best way to do so. There are various villas in Bali that can be rented and they all look beautiful and are designed to make you forget your day to day obligations, office jobs and focus on the beauty that surrounds you. All the accommodation blends in perfectly in the surrounding environment. They are all luxury equipped with perfect views that are there to make your vacation unforgettable. Some of them are located on the near heights and some on the beaches. You can spend your great time on the beach or you can do that up on the hills watching the sunset and enjoying every moment of the day and the night as well.

Seminyak is one of the most popular destinations in Bali. The Seminyak villas are considered as one of the top villas locations in Bali. Luxury and sophisticated atmosphere are the words that describe here. Seminyak restaurants and inventive fashion boutiques are one of the trademarks of this location. If you want dining in a world class restaurants that are situated in an environment that will take your breath away than the high ends of Seminyak is the place to visit. The luxury area of Seminyak is the where most of the top restaurants are situated. On the other hand the Laksamana Street is the place to visit when you want to do some shopping.

Heaven on earth is the first and the last impression of those that have visited it. The time to leave Bali and back home is a problem for every tourist. Nobody wants to leave Bali. If you have visited Bali then you will know why is that so? If not then the mystery can be revealed only if you visit the island and see first - handed what`s the all fuss about.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wedding and Honeymoon in Bali

A wedding is not easy to embark on and couples plan months in advance to make that day the most unforgettable day of their lives. Nowadays with packages and deals to suit every budget, holiday weddings are a rage in the island of Bali. No wonder they say that there is nothing more romantic than married and honeymoon in Bali.

The beauty of the place coupled with serenity and affordable beach accommodations, beckons couples from all over the world. Soaking up the sun and sand along with the fascination of being married on the beach beside the waves of the island nation sure captivates. With local cuisine and shopping for impeccable souvenirs across the city, Bali has emerged as the next hot spot for would be couples who wish to get married here.

Apart from that you can go on day trips to enjoy the majestic island’s beauty. Water sports, ancient temples, native artisans and more, all served by customer centric friendly folks around. Who wouldn’t want to start a great life together amidst happiness and joy? The atmosphere only further adds to the intimacy of the couple’s decision and turning point in life, something which one wouldn’t find in any other island tourist destination.

Bali offers private atmosphere which is distinct and individualistic. Good combination with modern day needs and communications, Bali Island is now a one stop place for all who go there to get married. So if you fancy a fairytale wedding, you now know where to come!! Imagine taking your vows together, the tropical sun hits your tanned skin and the sea breeze embraces you with love. Truly a blessing as many would say, Mother Nature at her best.

Being in a tropical paradise, your wedding would be embraced with fragrances that emanate from the flowers that blossom around. Walk down with your partner on the beaches of Bali as the moon kisses the two of you and wishes you a beautiful life ahead. Take this moment to express your love to your sweetheart, whisper sweet nothings into his or her ear as the evening tide ebbs and flows. Experience a romantic dinner for two on the beach the local way and be undisturbed in intimacy for there are romantic private beaches meant only for couples.

Passion, beauty, romance and love making makes you forget everyone and everything around especially when the wedding in Bali held on a beach or even in a villa that in front of the sea. There is always somebody to help you in Bali with all your needs to create that special day monumental and perfect.
Your wedding ceremony and honeymoon is not complete without a luxury and suitable Bali villa rental. Spending your romantic and privacy honeymoon makes it an unforgettable one if experienced in a luxury villa close to the white sandy beach of tropical paradise. No compromises on security and comfort whatsoever and you no need to worry about the things of holiday and marrying. You can leave it all to the wedding organizer and villa rental agent to prepare it in style.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kecak Dance in Bali

One of the greatest holidays that my friend had was in Bali Island, in Indonesia. If I were asked for a reason that made it outstanding, I would be looking for the answer. I think it is the natural blends of the scenic beauties of the island, the rich cultural heritage and the friendly native people that had create the different.

On the night of our arrival, we decided to visit the famous of the Bali dance, the Kecak Fire Dance. Usually the dance was at sunset and near the beach, but also can do in other place.

On the way, we stopped at an old Hindu temple, a temple full of monkeys. Tourists were reminded to take care of their belongings especially the sunglass and handbags. The monkeys were fond of grabbing the sunglass and actually wore them and run off to the roof top. There is very hard to get it back from him.

When we arrived at the dance stage, the sun was setting. We paid off the entrance fees in Rupiah and sat on the terrace style chair around the dance floor. The atmosphere was dark and the whole area was only lit by the burning bonfire. We must respect the local customs, as the dance can not be apart of the religious believes of the Balinese. The deities and customs are always believed and practiced by some local Balinese.

The show held without life music. The stunning voice of the dancers was the musical background for the dancers to dance in trance. Over 50 bare-chested male dancers are swaying their body and hands uttering cak-cak-cak, some dancers imitating the sound of monkeys of Hanuman, the friendly and power full monkey king and his troops that helped Rama. The chanting sound of Cak-cak-cak gave the dance its name, the Kecak dance.

The dance retold there story of the epic. Rama had to leave Sita alone and out of his fear for her safety, he had casted his spell to guard Sita. However the evil Rahwana tricked Sita with his golden deer and abducted her to his Island of Lengka. Then the war began, and with the help of the white monkey king, Hanuman, Rama defeated his enemy and saved his wife.

The story was full with excitements of magic and wizards, translated into the movements of the dance. Only those who read the story will able understand them. The Kecak dance is a must see attraction to visitors. It is part of the unique Bali culture which is rare to find nowadays.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bali Volcanoes and Lakes

Island of Bali in Indonesia is renowned for its natural beauty and as a fabulous tourist attraction. However, the island is also famous for its terrorist attacks in recent years. Since then, the native people of Bali have recovered and the island is now a hotspot for tourists from all over the world once again, especially for its beach hotels and villas also volcano helicopter tours.

The island's ecology and geography are influenced by the high mountain range of volcanoes that dominate the island. These great volcanoes created Bali's stunning mountainous landscape and they occasionally regenerate its soils and help produce heavy rains that provide this tropical paradise island with precious fresh water.

The Balinese considered the island's many volcanoes, lakes and spring as sacred and treat them with respect and awe. If you are a tourist traveling to Bali for your vacation, you will be awestruck with the sheer majesty of the volcanoes. These natural landscapes are some of tourist attractions and many people go to see the volcanoes on helicopter tours so that they can view the volcanoes and all it splendor and take some pictures. The island is still continually being formed by volcanic activities.

Bali is situated over a major fault zone where the Indo-Australian plate collides with the Sunda plate. In 1963, the eruption on Mount Agung killed thousands of people and utterly destroyed many rice fields and irrigation network.

The dramatic lava flows on the north eastern faces of Mount Agung is the newest landforms, showing what the island may look like in ancient pre-historic time. It is a fascinating sightseeing experience, almost like a scene out of Jurassic Park.

Perhaps, the most popular volcano for tourists to visit and go sightseeing is Mount Batur. This grand old dame of a volcano sits in a giant caldera that contains a lake that is a few miles long and over a mile wide. Mount Batur is actually a very active volcano and can erupt moment as it erupted with great frequency but the eruptions are less violent these days except in a giant eruption in 1917 which claimed thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of temples and villages.

Hiking up Mount Batur in the wee small hours of the morning has become something of a "must do" thing for many tourists in Bali. Sometimes is essential to bring along a sweater as it can get a little chilly at the volcano summit.

There is also some coffee shop at the rim selling drinks for thirsty hikers and many children and women in flip flops balancing buckets of soft drinks on their heads scampering around trying to earn your money. As the sun rises, you will get a great view of Lombok and other surrounding islands.

One very interesting hike on Mt Batur is the climb down the inside of the crater from Penelokan to Kedisan. There are boats at Toya Bungkah Lake to take you across the lake to a village called Trunyan. This village is famous for its rare traditions. Instead of cremating or burying their deceased, the Trunyan villagers leave dead human bodies to decompose naturally in a designated cemetery.

Although Bali is known for rice farming, its volcanic soil is actually not well suited for such activities. The soil is finely textured and well drained, so water soaks through the soil quickly and thus precious water is wasted. Therefore the solution is repeated ploughing which make the soil less permeable.

So if you go to Bali for your holiday vacation, do not forget to have a sightseeing trip to view Bali's towering volcanoes, better yet, take a helicopter tour of this spectacular tourist attraction.

Friday, April 6, 2012

What to Do in Seminyak

If you are coming up with a visit to Bali, there is a smart probability that you're going to find yourself staying within the Seminyak space, since its home to most of the tourist activities and also the majority of the accommodations on the island similarly. Once you've got settled into your Bali accommodation Seminyak, you will have an enormous style of completely different activities to create your vacation a memorable one. From exciting to relaxing, the world offers one thing for everybody.

Visiting landmarks and sights is one in all the most things that the majority guests to Bali do. Whether or not you rent a guide or raise your host at your Bali accommodation Seminyak for directions, you will find an enormous assortment of sights to require in throughout your keep. Every village on the island is home to a minimum of 3 of the non secular Hindu temples that Indonesia is legendary for, with many close to Seminyak among the foremost hanging within the world. These embody the offshore Tanah ton temple, a brief drive from most Seminyak accommodations. The volcanic ridges and delightful beaches also are famous, and a few of the world's most beautiful sunsets are often found here.

There are lots of ways in which to pay benefit Seminyak, and various searching boutiques and spas line the streets, and you'll sometimes notice nice deals that are not potential elsewhere. If you are hoping for nightlife, the world is home to various stylish bars that visit nice lengths to face out from each other. Pools and bungee jumps are located among bound bars, making a novel thanks to get pleasure from the evening. Several famous restaurants also are among walking distance of your Bali accommodation Seminyak, and you'll sample native cuisine or new takes on western favourites throughout your keep.

A great feature of Seminyak is that it's well located, and if you would like to flee the hustle and bustle of the down city space you'll notice rural seclusion a brief drive away. whether or not you would like to travel on a scenic hike and scale one in all the volcanic peaks or learn to surf from one in all the numerous completely different instructors who line the beaches within the space, there's masses to try and do in Seminyak. Finding a good Bali accommodation Seminyak is that the best a part of your vacation. Deciding what to try and do along with your time is far tougher, since there are such a big amount of choices.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diving in Indonesia

Today, diving Indonesia trip is being liked by an oversized range of tourist and divers, within which they will get the multidimensional expertise. On one hand, folks will witness the wonderful marine lifetime of waters of Indonesia; on the opposite hand, they will fancy the sightseeing of cultural places of the state.
Diving tourism is growing a lot of and a lot of these days with increasing interest of individuals within the journey sport of scuba diving. An oversized range of countries are providing the perfect diving facilities to the folks that are undoubtedly generating plenty of revenue for them.

Diving Indonesia trip is among one amongst the tours that are being admired a great deal by divers, tourists and honeymooners. The actual fact that ought to be kept in mind is that Indonesia is that the neighborhood country of Malaysia that is meant to be best diving spot within the world. So, quite clearly, identical geographical diving conditions are found in Indonesia still.

Indonesia offers a plethora of diving destinations where tourists and divers will visit. Komodo, Bali and Banda Islands are often taken as ideal instances of the diving sports of Indonesia. Waters of those places offers sensible marine life that offers a totally distinct style of expertise to the folks. Sponges, coral reefs, giant ocean fans and lots of different marine beings are often found within the waters of those places. If you're willing to travel for the thrilling experiences of shark diving then Bali are often an ideal spot for you. Excluding sharks, you discover mola mola and mantra rays conjointly.

During your visit to Indonesia for diving, you'll be able to get the accommodation in some sensible diving resorts still as different hotels/resorts. The Hotel Grand Kumala, The Legien etc., is a few of the popular hotels offered during this nation. On the opposite hand, diving courses offered by some world-popular organizations like PADI, SSI and NAUI are offered in Indonesia. In these establishments, you'll be able to learn the diving skills up to beginner still as advanced levels.

Apart from diving, Indonesia is additionally widespread for its tourist destinations and attracts the culture lovers also kind many years. In your diving Indonesia trip conjointly, you'll be able to see the wonder of this nation. Some astonishing ancient temples are undoubtedly the proper places to go to.

For going for diving Indonesia tour, you'll be able to get in contact with any of the tour operators. Several of those operators are offered on-line who offer you the power to urge the arrangement of the trip whereas sitting at home from any a part of the globe.

The passion of scuba diving in Indonesia is increasing day by day. We are able to hope for a few less dimmed developments within the diving tourism trade of Indonesia within the returning time.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bali Experience - Cooking Lessons in Bali

If you're living in North Bali, you ought to surely take some cooking lessons in Bali. Here one will notice the categories that teach everything concerning Balinese food. The setting is incredibly relaxing and pleasant. One will style the highlights of Bali culinary and new insights are often obtained. One are trained and taught by individuals. These individuals are experienced and are nice with Bali food. There are basic still as advanced courses. There's a vegetarian cooking which will enhance your talent. Generally there are sweet cooking categories too. This can complete your experience concerning Bali food. If one is searching for selecting what he desires, the cooking lessons in Bali ought to be joined. One will produce his own menu.

The cooking lessons in Bali take sooner or later. The bookings are often done separately still. One must take all of them. The teachings can keep the individuals busy for five days. The cooking categories are held in famous restaurants close to Bali. There are some restaurants close to Lovina, also some close to Singaraja. This can be the capital of North Bali. Lovina also famous for its ancient boats and morning dolphin visits. It's additionally known for sand beaches.

All the transportation that's needed throughout the cooking lessons in Bali are provided. The Bali cooking lessons begin with an area market tour for getting all the ingredients. The guide on tours provides the data like shopping for the markets and bargaining. One can even see native Bali on their visit to native markets. There are several smells and made colors. Bali may be a land of contrasts. There are male, female, evil and sensible. One ought to additionally go there for foods on a daily basis. These competition foods are mainly meant for gods. The daily food relies on rice.

There are many types of rice in Bali. These embody black, white, red and glutinous rice. There are Javanese still as Balinese rice.The dishes are served with sort of spicy aspect dishes like vegetables, fish, and tiny quantity of meat. There's a sort of condiments still. There are some crispy toppings like deep fried shallots. They're scattered over food. Thus, the cooking lessons in Bali are real fun. One ought to surely attempt them. One will so make sure that varied varieties are learned.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 Reasons to Stay in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Situated within the east part of Bali, Nusa Dua may be a 741-acre enclave that envelopes varied upscale resorts and 5-star hotels for distinguished travelers. And during this neighborhood of sophistication and luxury, indulgence takes all types of shapes and sizes.

Glorious Accommodations

Located forty km from Denpasar, Nusa Dua is most famous for its lavish hotels and resorts. Here, splurging on accommodations may be a given and a welcome treat for a few. Most hotels have all-inclusive facilities and services that you just wouldn't wish to travel outside in any respect. sometimes incorporating serene and charming atmospheres designed on natural accents and distinctive d├ęcor, the mesmerizing comforts of such accommodations here are continuously price each penny.

Cozy lodgings in Nusa Dua are available differing types to suit the wants of each visitor. Whether or not you will be traveling with family, friends, or loved ones, you may surely realize the proper kind of accommodation for your keep. From well-appointed suites to exclusive Bali villas, you may never run out of chic choices. And upscale or not, you'll conjointly get nice worth for your cash after you probability upon a special promo, just like the Bali Khama's latest promotional package.

The nightlife scene in Nusa Dua might not be as colourful as its neighboring beach locales, however if you are staying at one in every posh hotels, you would not have to be compelled to worry. Entertainment and amusements within the space embody fine dining restaurants and exclusive bars, excellent for romantic evenings or perhaps simply an off-the-cuff drink with a handful of friends.

A World of Rejuvenation

Another staple within the Nusa Dua neighborhood is its assortment of health spas and wellness centers. Whether or not freelance or housed inside the walls of hotels, spas here are known for providing a large choice of soothing, revitalizing, and beautifying treatments. These embody everything from authentic Balinese massage and facials to scrubs and sauna services. Surely, one cannot go while not a visit to such sanctuary for the senses.

Exhilarating Diversions

With the pristine beaches simply handy, water sports and alternative participating activities are never too so much behind. A good destination for surfers is between October and April. The shores of Nusa Dua provide the proper place to ride the large waves. It's conjointly a perfect spot for alternative adventures like snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, fly fishing, and even the leisurely banana boat rides. If you wish to remain dry, the encircling space is simply right for tennis and squash games. Or if you wish, you'll prepare a spherical of golf at the Bali Golf and Country Club.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sulawesi Tourism

Sulawesi, formerly referred to as Celebes, may be a vacation destination that's turning into common today with those in search of the exotic. Most fascinating to guests are the a lot of populated north and south regions whereas the central region may be a very little known space rarely visited through, of course, for a few travelers this can be the foremost engaging regions . Like Bada Valley (Lore Lindu) for its Megalithic Culture and Birding web site, Togean Islands with its fantastic under-sea-garden and its coral reefs, and Morowali Nature Reserve.

South Sulawesi may be a region of dramatic contrasts - of rugged volcanic peaks and glisterning white beaches. Thus it's hardly stunning the region is home to 2 vastly completely different peoples - the seafaring Bugis and also the mysterious highland Torajans.

If you space first-time visitor ensure you are taking a visit to the Torajan communities of the South Sulawesi highlands. New roads have created the eight-hour journeyto Toraja Land a lot of easier thus these once remote folks are currently used to seeing guests.

You'll drive through Spectacular Mountain, steep terraced slopes and tall bamboo forests to arrive during a true paradise of unspoilt natural beauty. (You'll have notrouble understanding why the Torajans believe their fore father was descended from heaven, for this can be heaven on earth). Most guests cannot wait tosee the Toraja tombs- man-made caves cut into sheer cliff faces with eerie effigies on suspended balconies staring out across the jungle. In Toraja Culture a funeral isa festive event and elaborate rites are performed to confirm that soulspass to the afterworld in an applicable manner. Families pay a lot of on these feasts and if you are lucky to be here for a burial ceremony you ought to take care to contribute one thing like food, soap or maybe even cash to help the family. Be warned, though, some elements of the ceremony don't seem to be for the faint-hearted the slaughter by single sword stroke of a scared buffalo is common.

Funeral ceremonies sometimes last a couple of week with the feasting, chanting and dancing continuing throughout the night. It's on the last day that the coffinis hauled fastidiously up the mountain aspect to the family gravesite amidst nice shouting and excitement. The simplest known grave sites are at Lemo and Londa. Here the effigies are those of noblemen and different high-ranking community leaders.

You'll even be struck by the weird design of the standard Toraja house,the "tongkonan".The roof rises at each ends just like the bow and stern of a ship and legend has it that this was the form of the vessels that carried their ancestors here.

For a distinct expertise guest drive up for the trip to North Sulawesi, home of the friendly Minahasan folks. As a results of Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch missionaries this can be one of the foremost Christianized places in Indonesia. Another heaven on earth complete with stunning coral reefs, white sandy beaches and clear water. Within the highlands there are lakes and invigorating hot water springs. For nature lovers there's many wildlife and simple jungle walks nearby. If you are a scuba diver you'll even notice gear and boat offered.

There also are varieties of fascinating cities round the pleasant Lake Tondano that you will wish to go to and whereas within the space take care to examine the traditional megalithic monument referred to as Watu Pinabetengan. It is a mysterious, huge, anvil-shapedstone lined in as however undeciphered.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Borobudur Indonesia

The island of Java, Indonesia’s fifth largest, home to quite one hundred thirty million folks, or in different words, sixty five percent of the whole country’s population. It's solely fitting that the capital, Jakarta is here. It's conjointly fitting that 2 of the country’s most prized non secular artifacts are here, thee Buddhist Borobudur and also the Hindu temple of Prambanan. These are really prized possessions and warrants individual visits if you're around and concerning in Java.

First, let’s get to the Buddhist structure. This can be each a shrine for Buddha and a vital pilgrimage web site for followers of the faith. It's solely fitting that this structure’s history is shrouded in mystery. There's no written record of who designed this temple and what its supposed purpose is. What we tend to do apprehend is that it had been designed someday within the 800’s AD and will have took seventy five years to complete, judging from the reliefs.

The journey for pilgrims at this UNESCO temple begins at the bottom of the monument and follows circular path round the sacred monument whereas ascending to the highest through the 3 levels of Buddhist cosmology, specifically Kamadhatu (the world of desire), Rupadhatu (the world of forms) and Arupadhatu (the world of formless meditation). The trip up takes you thru 1460 relief panels and also the iconic Stupas containing Buddha pictures.

Not too faraway from the UNESCO Buddhist structure is another UNESCO temple, this one though is of the Hindu religion. In all, 224 temples enhance the advanced most of that pointy (almost like rockets prepared for takeoff), a standard trait in Hindu temples. Inbuilt the ninth century, this assortment of jagged structure options 3 main inner shrines dedicated to the Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

These are fairly spectacular structures. However the question remains, why were they abandoned? Maybe it had been as a result of the Merapi volcano eruption? Perhaps the empires and dynasties at the time shifted their headquarters? Or might or not it's that folks were changing to Islam and have simply “forgotten” concerning these relics? These are all superb reasons and will have all contributed to those temples’ eventual abandonment.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Indonesian Islands : Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Island is a part of Indonesian islands located on the west of Padang province. The beaches of this island are terribly famous round the world as a surfing paradise with the foremost lovely panorama as an additional and. Mentawai Island has shoreline 758 kilometers. The foremost fascinating of Mentawai Island is that the wave. It's terribly roughly wonderful wave for surfing. The wave was found by Australian surfers who found it once they visited this island in ninetieth. Then they announced it into the planet, even they build some resorts to serve the foreign tourist who inquisitive about surfing. It becomes the start line of Mentawai Island because the World Surfing Paradise.

Geographically, Mentawai Island directly facing Indian Ocean has consistent wave year-round. Typically on April-August is that the best time for surfing as a result of the wave will reach until six meters high. It is the favorite ekstreme wave for the surfer. It's conjointly an equivalent time with summer vacation in Europe. So, that's why the foremost tourists are from Europe on that month.

Mentawai Island has four hundred surfing spot wave which is sometimes enjoyed by the surfer. From four hundred spots, there are twenty three spots that have international commonplace wave for surfing. The spot wave areas are in Nyang Nyang, Karang Bajat, Karoniki, Pananggelat, Mainuk (Siberut Island), Katiet Basua (Sipoira Island), Mentawai town, and Pagai Utara (Sikakap Usland).

International appreciation of Mentawai's wave because the best for surfing will be seen within the World Champion Surfing Series that typically be remained August. Based mostly on 2001 date, quite 3000 foreign tourists visit this event. It consists hr Australian tourist, thirty ninth yankee tourist, and therefore the rests are from Europe and Asian.

The significant facility is decided sixty exlclusive wave spot for surfing. Every spot is decided most for ten surfers. It's for avoiding the crash among the surfers once they are in action. There also are several resorts are engineered, like Makaroni in Silabu Island, Kandui in Nyang Nyang Island, Saraina in Mentawai town, Alloyta in Simakakang Island, and Surfing Ground in Katiet. The resorts serve hotel, restaurant, and bar that having special Mentawai style.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Natural Bali Spa and Massage Services

As additional native and imported cosmetic brands are widely employed by many ladies to seem younger, recently there has been growing trend of the many ladies who flip to ancient treatments that use less chemical materials. A holistic approach to viewing beauty isn't simply a matter of outer appearance however additionally the inner beauty. And chemical materials usually produce artificial and lifeless beauty and longer-term harmful effects on the skin instead of creating one’s face recent.

Bali Indonesia isn't simply known for its spices that originally for culinary functions however additional recently for maintaining health and sweetness. These are their ancient and cultural heritages handed down from one generation to consequent. Nowadays, these spices haven't simply been used for spices however additionally the most material for ancient cosmetics. Most natural ingredients are made from cloves, potent leaf, cinnamon, roots and plenty of others. These are use in Bali massage services that are usually offered to foreign tourists who visited the island each currently and then.

In these recent days, there are varieties of spas that are sprung up that supply a large vary of health and sweetness treatments. The word “spa” conjures up pictures of long days crammed with mud baths and meditation categories, and may be a beauty health centre that uses water because the main ingredient and supply of energy. This offers rejuvenation of each body and soul. Its main purpose is to pamper, rejuvenate, nurture, care and calm one’s beauty. It will assist you relax each physically and most specially, spiritually. It additionally improves fitness, detoxify, commune with nature and study nutrition.

There are approximately two hundred spas scattered across Indonesia and largely are found within the island of Bali. Bali massage sometimes uses ancient massage or aromatherapy with “luluran” as its main ingredient. Luluran is Indonesian’s ancient herbal cosmetics that lighten your skin and build it look a lot of fresher. “Jamu”, on the opposite hand is uses on Bali spa to alleviate lightweight ailments like fatigue, headaches, chills or aching bones.

Rumah Bali Spa
 Conveniently situated on the southern coast of Bali and solely 10km from Nurah Rai International Airport, Rumah Spa is known not simply on its fabulous spa package and body massage however additionally offers wonderful face, hair, body, ear and foot treatment.

Jasmine Aromatic House
 Its main priority is client satisfaction and it's been known for spa treatments that supply effective and cheap spa merchandise. With its ten years in Spa business, it's little doubt that they need given their best services ever.

Jamu ancient Spa
This spa options distinctive, ancient and therapeutic treatments for each beauty and health. They solely stick on using solely pure, real and ancient techniques and ingredients.

Secret Garden Spa
This Bali spa offers a prime quality vary of hair and body services and cheap real worth for your vacation cash. Its well-trained, friendly and dedicated workers attend to your special salon expertise like body treatments, facials, reflexology and foot massage, manicure and pedicure, hair styling and treatment, body massage and additional await your indulgence!

Through Bali Spa’s health and sweetness services, you'll be able to regain your inner balance and manage stress, enhance feelings of peacefulness, well being and heal.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sanur Bali

Sanur is set on the east coast of Bali protected by the coral reef and the distance is just 20 minutes north east of the International Airport, and offers a beach-side truth without the crowds. The waves are much gentler and best recognized as the vacation place for the complete family and newlyweds alike. Sanur has some of Bali's most ancient temples within the Blanjong area that consistent with its inscriptions date back to AD 914. Sanur is also home to the known Le Mayeur Museum, the former home of the Belgian painter.

Bali Island could be a shopper's paradise, the proper vacation destination, a tropical paradise with a selected blend of recent tourist facilities. Some of the simple surfing beaches within the world are often discovered on the western region of the island although conversely the Japanese side is an extraordinary oasis for families, with sleek white sand beaches and gentle seas.

Like alternative area in Bali, Sanur conjointly hold the most important traditional villages in Bali however it is also one amongst the foremost established tourist areas. Fine hotels, restaurants and trendy amusement venues compliment traditional village activities like drama and dance, therefore it is a good place to savor the delights of a tropical island and gain a real appreciation of Balinese civilization and native life. Fisherman wander the beach and the colorful outrigger canoes are often hired for sailing visits along the seacoast and to the outlying islands while there is a lot of adventurous at heart can try their hand at parasailing, jet skiing and scuba diving.

Sanur could be a place of exceptional contrasts: a golden mile of gorgeous hotels that attract innumerable paradise seekers each year, and yet, inside the very grounds of the 11-storey Grand Bali Beach, a war fixture gift from the Japanese, nestles the sacred and exceptional temple of Ratu Ayu of Singgi, the much feared spirit of Sanur's legendary Black Barong. Nonetheless village life goes on and guests will extremely expertise the important Bali.

Several villas in Bali conjointly set around Sanur area. A villa in Sanur Bali provides the final word expertise in luxury tropical living where discovered to the elements one embraces a way of total relaxation and unrestricted freedom. typically villas in Sanur have their own swimming pool or plunge pool, from one bedroom villa, 2 bedroom villa, 3 bedroom villa, four bedroom villa or family villas Bali like five bedroom villa and 6 bedroom villa as you prefer area accessible in Sanur similar to any other area in Bali. Simply prefer the pace of your vacation activities in Sanur then the village can provide and absolute to be a luxury non-public villa to finally suit these desires while you holidaying in Sanur Bali.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bali Indonesia - Guide and Activities

Bali, Indonesia is a well known tourist destination for surfers, hikers, and couples traveling with low budget. There are several affordable lodges in Bali for the fee conscious traveler. Bali is surely an energetic exciting place with a really low criminal offense rate. There are several stores with regional artisans displaying their wares. While Indonesia is surely an Islamic location, Bali has a dominant population of Hindu worshipers. The Hindu impact sometimes shown in craft shops and culture reveals throughout the city. The Balinese are generally warm, friendly and welcoming, and it's also an easy task to get caught up in the vibe of the city.

Nearly all people have always wanted to be flying to Bali to have a break over the holidays but have since changed their plan. Lately, there is a great fear that terrorists may strike at any minute. Many people were affected by this disaster as both the ones who wanted to travel then, and tourists who probably wish to travel today will remember the terrorist attacks in October 2002 and the consequent devastation.

The Balinese persons are a hardworking and forward-looking lot. Their particular level of determination makes it possible for get on my feet yet again and despite it all. Get things running and look for better days ahead.

While you are traveling in Bali, there are several things you can do: Indonesian temples would be a good place for you to visit. The well known museum and shrine in Bali would let you to know the history and culture of Bali.

Shopping is another thing you can do in Bali, one's visit to any place in the world will never be complete with no shopping spree. You will find a lot of selection of shops in Bali which have been ideal shopping area with wonderful goods and affordable prices. You'll meet hundreds of Bali handmade gifts, especially Bali bamboo handbags.

Dance in the Uluwatu Sunset.
The days are quiet very hot in Bali. This is great time for everybody to stroll outdoors is when the sun is setting. The beautiful sunset of Bali is really amazing! Guests usually find time to stop and stare at the setting sun during sunset hours. Watching a 'Kecak Dance' with sunset background along with the “cak-cak” sound would be a romantic thing for you and family.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunset Temple Tours in Bali

Frequented by honeymooners and avid beach lovers alike the vacation Mecca of Bali is Indonesia's chief tourist attraction. Stricken by white, sandy beaches and idyllic tropical landscapes this island haven is renowned as a vacation destination for the lots. There are but firmer and distinctive reasons to fly all the way down to this fashionable touristic hotspot because the island additionally is the cultural heartland of its home country with over 10,000 ancient non secular edifices to its name. The sheer range of shrines tucked away within the island's fringes has led to the popular claim that the temples within the locality outnumber the quantity of households occupying the island. Engineered throughout varied periods in Balinese history the ocean, mountain or sunrise facing temples are best explored on a sunset tour that lets guests explore the magical surroundings of those age previous non secular points of interest within the magical hours as dusk sets in.

With a mean length of around five hours a typical sunset tour of the temples in Bali can encompass the must-see highlights among the locale's premier shrines. The Uluwatu Temple is one such prime attraction that's a part of virtually each tour of Bali on the market. Perched on a cliff bank with waves crashing beneath, the Hindu shrine of Uluwatu is one among the six temples that are Bali's religious cornerstones. Protected by mischievous monkeys who dispel evil spirits in step with native belief this imagesquely situated place of worship is that the picture of mysticism throughout the evening hours. The Mengwi Taman Ayun Temple is another highlight featured on most sunset temple tours as this century previous shrine at intervals a scenic garden served because the royal family's personal shrine as so much back as 1634. Adorned with lotus ponds and fish ponds this enclosure additionally homes many courtyards boasting remnants of ancient architectural parts.

The Tanah Lot Temple is another location in Bali that's merely spectacular throughout sunset as this floating shrine is perched atop a rocky promontory. Located in Tabanan Regency this commemorated temple is dedicated to ocean deities and solely accessible throughout low tide. alternative must-see temple structures in Bali embody Besakih Temple, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Tirta Empul Temple and Gunung Kawi whereas Penataran Sasih Temple is additionally price exploring.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Things to do in Manado

Manado might not be as fashionable as Bali. However it is a prime destination for avid divers, who pay vacations at accommodations in Manado. To assist you learn additional regarding the realm, here are four things that you simply should not miss out on when staying during this a part of Sulawesi, Indonesia:

Shop at malls along Pierre Tendean Boulevard
One of city's main thoroughfares, Pierre Tendean Boulevard is that the business center of Manado. This busy street is where most malls are located. These embrace the Boulevard Mall, IT Center, Manado city sq., and Mega Mall, which provide each native and international brand. Many hotels are located along this boulevard, like Hotel Aryaduta Manado, that was once called the Ritzy Hotel.

Eat tinutuan on Wakeke Street
What would be a visit to Manado while not a style of their native specialty, tinutuan? Conjointly known as bubur manado, it's rice porridge mixed with varied alternative ingredients together with corn, sweet potato or cassava, water spinach, and even pumpkin. Typically served for breakfast, this dish is on the market along the numerous stalls that line Wakeke Street. Best to travel there early, though - customers line up as early as seven AM to shop for a bowl.

Dive at Bunaken Island
Go north of Manado to the present island that is home to 1 of Indonesia's 1st marine reserves. Located within the middle of the Coral Triangle, it's a preferred dive spot with around 390 species of corals, thirteen of that making a 25- to 50-m wall. Varied marine creatures have conjointly created the park their home, among them the enormous clam, that is that the largest living bivalve mollusk within the world. With virtually seventieth of all known Indo-Western Pacific fishes found within the space, it's surely one amongst the simplest places to travel for a dive within the region.

Meet the tarsiers at Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve
About ninety minutes from Manado, this national park is additional popularly called the house of the tarsier, one amongst the tiniest Carnivorous Primate. Comprised of a lush rainforest situated at the bottom of Dua Saudara Mountain, the reserve includes a total land space of 8,718 hectares. Owing to its massive size, guests are suggested to enlist the services of a tour or guide if they requires to exploring the park. Confirm to arrive within the late afternoon because the tarsiers typically seem from four PM to six PM.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Bali Photos

Below are the collection of old Bali photos. All the look was totally different with today situation. Enjoy it and feel the spirit.. :-)

Above is Legong Dance in 1940, looks like it was in "jaba" side of a temple. Jaba means the outer area in a temple which have entertainment use but still related to the ritual or ceremony.

People are praying in a temple 1912, we cannot see this kind of fashions or clothes nowadays. The traditional dress always change from time to time.

One of traditional huge Balinese kite, according to my experience this kind of kite is difficult to make. Only talented maker can make it fly very well. We call it "Janggan" kite.

Balinese man in cock fighting area 1912. A gambler's hobby until now. Cock fighting area is a fun place for them.

Gusti Gede Raka in 1937. Dancing is a pride for people at that time. Maybe almost all Balinese are an artist. In this photos we can feel they are very close with nature.

One more artisans. These carvers bring their imagination flows from their heart - brain - hand muscles - then carved to the wood. Of course, with good vision. We still can found this talent until now.

Balinese Hindu Brahmana in Buleleng kingdom 1865.

Gusti Bagus Djelantik and his wife in their palace 1919.

Gusti Ngurah Ketut Djelantik the king of Buleleng kingdom and his assistant.

A palace in Taman Ujung Karangasem regency. This building look the same like today.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Famous People That Spend Vacations in Bali

Bali has been known as the island of the Gods as it is abundant not only of breathtaking landscape but also of man-made structures. From its lush rice fields, end-to-end tropical beaches, thousands of temples, scenic volcanic and mountainous backdrops, as well as its luxury villas and exotic floras and faunas and its world-class surfing and diving, Bali is one of the most famous tourist's destinations in the world.

Famous People in Bali

Bali is also an ideal place for romance and romantic assignations and this is proven by some famous celebrities who come to this island paradise to have their holiday in comfort, peace and privacy.

Bali, with its famous large numbers of villas in Bali known for its elegance, luxury, Balinese designs and Balinese-inspired themes as well as comfort and privacy are where the celebrity in Bali stays as well.

Tyra Banks in Bali

Ex-supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks had her Bali vacation last year. After her trip to China taping the latest season of "America's Next Top Model", Banks flew right back to Bali to spend the holidays with her mystery flame. The 38-year-old model recently took a trip to Asia and came back with ... a love interest. And then went to Bali to have a holiday with her love interest.

Nick Jonas in Bali

Nick Jonas and new girlfriend Delta Goodrem has also their vacation in Bali. Lovebirds, Disney pin-up Nick Jonas and Australian songbird Delta Goodrem were spotted alighting an airplane at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali last June 2011.

It was believed that the two lovebirds headed straight for a resort getaway. According to a Sydney-based friend of Goodrem, the two were at the place simply for a "song-writer camp" after having collaborated for her upcoming album. However, the manager of Goodrem refused to comment on the issue.

Paris Hilton in Bali

The 30-year-old heiress, Paris Hilton was seen showing off her bikini body while frolicking on the beach in a sexy two-piece in Bali.

Paris Hilton was seen taking a break from her growing business empire for some relaxation on the idyllic island of Bali last November 2011.

While in Bali, the reality star Paris had been embracing her spiritual side on the one-week break. The break has been a very spiritual experience for her. She's been seen visiting local temples, playing with monkeys and just enjoying some time off after a really hectic month. Paris has totally fallen in love with Bali. Paris also indulged in Bali's famous sunset, topping up their tans during the day while lying down on the poolside at their hotel.

Paris has been joined on the holiday by her good friend, Australian supermodel Cheyenne Tozzi.

Obama in Bali

Aiming to knit Asian allies ever closer as China's might rises, President Barack Obama attended the East Asia Summit in Bali. Obama completed a nine-day Asia-Pacific trip with a visit to his boyhood home of Indonesia. Obama is the first US president to take part in a summit of East Asian nations.

Obama went to Bali in November 2011 after traveling from Australia.

Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Fantastic Reasons to Go to Bali, Indonesia

So you have created reservations at the right Bali resort and spa and are gearing up for the final word vacation journey. Well, you could not have picked a stronger destination. Bali, Indonesia includes a world of beautiful wonders in store for you, and if you happen to be visiting for the primary time, you have got sensible reason to be excited.

1) You are in for a splendid art attack. Ubud is touted because the inventive center of Bali, with dozens of art galleries and museums that includes the works of native and foreign artists. The Don Antonio Blanco Museum is probably the foremost renowned, not only for being the place to check the Spanish artist's masterpieces, however conjointly for the wonderful landscape and design of the museum. It boasts a beautiful garden and distinct Balinese style. Alternative notable museums embody Agung Rai Museum of Art, Neka Art Museum, Museum Puri Lukisan, Seniwati Gallery of Art by ladies, and Museum Rudana.

2) Retail therapy isn't planning to be a drag. With Ubud brimming with inventive minds and hands, looking is certain to be a novel expertise. Its boutique retailers and stores showcase superbly handcrafted wares that are the right souvenirs and gifts to require back home. Why visit a typical mall when the Ubud Market could be a way more fascinating looking destination?

Goa Gajah

3) It's teeming with historical and cultural sites that are astounding to behold. there is the Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave, Puri Saren Agung or Royal Palace, and Gunung Kawi or Poet Mountain, to not mention a few of spectacular Hindu temples that are all value looking for.


4) You'll have your fill of indulgent pampering. Rejuvenate yourself with some soothing Japanese, or Western, holistic treatments at the various spas and meditation centers in Ubud. Everything from massages to acupuncture is often enjoyed.

Monkey Forest

5) You get the prospect to check monkeys, variant them, at the Ubud Monkey Forest. This wonderful nature reserve is home to quite three hundred of the frisky creatures and has a minimum of one hundred fifteen tree species. The forest is additionally where you'll see the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple or the Temple of the Dead. If you are fascinated by exploring this Ubud attraction, a fine place to remain would be Barong Resort and Spa that is found among the forest itself. Providing luxurious accommodations and glorious services, this Bali resort and spa makes for a convenient retreat once an eventful day of sightseeing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Property in Bali Seminyak

If you are looking for white sand beaches, sea, nightlife, trendy shops, just come to Seminyak in Bali. In addition, if you are searching for a profitable Bali Property investment, you are joining a lifestyle that attracts people who want to shop, enjoy the nightlife, wonderful beaches and warm smiles.

Compared to Legian, which is south of Seminyak, the area is more exclusive with luxury holiday villas for rent, classy bars and high quality restaurants. The ambience in Seminyak is somewhat more laid-back and sophisticated compared to Legian or Kuta. The beach is also usually quieter during the day. Did you know that Seminyak is known the fashionable boutique and upscale spa capital of Bali? Because this spot has become a favorite place for expats and retirees, Seminyak has developed in a vibrant place with luxury spas, top class restaurants, hotels, Holiday villas Bali, sophisticated shopping and more. For those reasons it has become one of the most well known tourist destinations in Bali. Subsequently the land and property cost are among the highest in Bali and are increasing even further.

Not more than 10 years ago, Seminyak in Bali was just a tiny village with green rice fields and dirty roads. Time has changed this place. The area is almost always in development, building on the few plots of bare land still available. The Petitenget, KuDeTa and Dhyana Pura beach make up most of the Seminyak beach strip as far as the eye can see. If you drive from the quieter Seminyak area to the south you will pass first Legian and than Kuta beach. Both Legian and Kuta beach are busier every day.

There is many choices for getting a drink or a bite to eat in one of the beach restaurants and bars in Seminyak but do not forget to be on the beach when the sun goes down to enjoy dramatic and beautiful sunsets, Bali Seminyak beach is perfect place for it.

Your holiday in Bali Seminyak is not complete without staying in a luxury villa rental. Many villas in the Seminyak location are in high demand and that’s why in general more expensive compared to other locations in Bali. However that is a small price to pay for being near all the action, fine dining and wonderful beach settings.

The attractiveness and popularity of Seminyak offers the best value for those lucky ones planning to purchase Bali property in this area. You may say that the property cost are high in Seminyak however the prices continue to rise and therefore property investments in the area are always profitable and good quality villa rentals are all the rage with guests from Australia, Europe, American, and Asia.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ASEAN Green Hotel recognition Award 2012

ASEAN Green Hotel Award is an appreciation and recognition to tourism players for adopting the ASEAN Green Hotel Standards into their services. ASEAN Green Hotel Award could be a biennial event initial held in Thailand in 2008, and Brunei Darussalam on the subsequent amount. This year, it's held in Manado (South Sulawesi) on January eleven, 2012.

Environment friendly is that the main facet for assessment, as stipulated within the ASEAN Green Hotel commonplace document. The document includes variety of criteria and essential necessities as follows:
• Environmental policy and hotel operation activities

• Utilization and use of green products

• Cooperation with local community and organizations

• Human resources development

• Solid waste management

• Energy efficiency

• Water efficiency

• Water quality management (indoor and outdoor)

• Noise pollution control

• Waste water treatment and management

• Toxic and chemical substance disposal management

Competition in hospitality industry drove the issuance of Green Hotel Standard. Thus, the award aims to:

• Increase the environment awareness among hospitality businesses in the midst of global warming.

• Increase the competitiveness of hospitality businesses in increasing the number of guests.

• Improve the quality of service of all hotels in ASEAN to achieve ASEAN AS A SINGLE TOURISM DESTINATION.

Ten hotels proposed by Indonesia are:
Matahari Beach Resort  & Spa Bali, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Bali, Holiday Inn Resort Batam, Angsana Bintan, Melia Benoa Bali, Losari Spa Retreat & Coffee Plantation, The St. Regis Bali Resort, Melia Bali Villa & Spa Resort, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exhilarating Activities to fancy in Bali Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia's frequently flocked shores are famous for a reason. Therefore if you are visiting, settling for one location or villa in Bali isn't the most effective thanks to absolutely expertise one in every of the world's most notable destinations. Take a visit round the island, attempt one thing new, or explore beyond the standard comforts and you may end up understanding why this place is deemed an absolute paradise.

Canyon Tubing and White Water Rafting

Apart from the beautiful beaches, Bali is home to an overflowing degree of natural wonders. From made forests to refreshing rivers, there is a lot of attractions to try here than simply lounge around underneath the sun. One in every of that is canyon tubing within the Payangan space. Here, you will get to drift down a canyon in an inflatable raft-like tube where you'll need a mesmerizing read of Bali's verdant forests. If you are when a lot of thrilling suggests that of enjoyment, there is conjointly white water rafting, where you'll be able to rush through marvelous views of the island's tropical landscapes.

Elephant Safari

What's an island while not the unbelievable wildlife? Take a visit to Taro and step into the globe of the Elephant Safari Park, where the wonderful space is surrounded by nearly twenty seven Sumatran Elephants. Besides watching the majestic creatures, you'll be able to conjointly take a ride on prime of them, a certain fireplace means of boosting the mood of your vacation.

Cultural tours

The villages of Ubud, Celuk, and Mas supply a quaint however enlightening show of island life. Witness the gorgeous artistry shown within the resident's varied works and crafts that represents their beloved culture.

Yoga, Cooking, and Surfing Lessons

A great a part of visiting any destination has the chance to bring that precious expertise home. Additionally to the varied activities on the island, there are in fact variety of institutions that supply other ways of taking a chunk of Bali with you. These embrace cooking categories that may introduce you to a world of flavors, and yoga lessons for those seeking physical, mental, and non secular discipline. Surfing lessons within the space of Kuta area good thanks to pay it slow on the beach. Though you discover yourself tempted to remain within the finest resorts or luxury villas in Bali nothing quite matches up to riding the waves for the primary time.

With Bali, Indonesia being a world-renowned tourist attraction, the quantity of leisurely diversions will increase over time. And if you discover yourself staying longer than expected for of these nice reasons and fantastic locations, a villa in Bali or a reasonable serviced residence, may facilitate cause you to feel quite at home in paradise.