Monday, February 4, 2013

Indonesian Islands : Things To Do In Bintan Island

 Bintan Island in land boasts a cram full of assorted activities for everybody. Here square measure the five most well-liked things to try to to on the island:

Go beach-hopping.
This is arguably the most reason why individuals flock to the island. From the various beach resorts in Bintan Island itself, like Hermes Agro Resort and Convention Bintan, to those found within the neighboring islets, you will be spoiled for selection. an excellent place to start out would be the four white-sand Trikora Beaches.

Visit the varied historical sites in Tanjung Pinang, Penyengat, and Senggarang.
Bintan villas on the beach are not the sole attraction on the island. Learn additional regarding the island's made past by visiting the notable Raya swayer Riau place of worship in Penyengat, fabricated from brick and egg-white mortar, to the century-old pagodas in Senggarang. Even the port city of Tanjung Pinang will not be left behind, with the Dutch Colonial burial site ruins and its deposit that includes ceramics, swords, and guns.

Go on a Rhizophora mangle Discovery Tour.
Tours on Bintan Island do not simply revolve round the same historical sites. The Rhizophora mangle Discovery Tour within the Sungai Sebong lagune takes travelers round the most complete Rhizophora mangle forest in land, containing around twelve totally different species. Of course, the trees don't seem to be the sole things you'd get to check on this boat tour. you'll be able to additionally catch a glimpse of the varied animals that board this forest, that embody monkeys, snakes, and even eagles.

Sample contemporary food and native delicacies.
What's a {good} vacation while not good food? Like within the remainder of land, Padang restaurants will be found here, wherever dozens of dishes are going to be set before you to decide on from - and you simply got to buy what you eat. Must-try native delicacies embody wet kway teow or rice noodles; bak kut the or Chinese pork rib soup; and otak-otak or fish meat cake. you'll be able to even purchase the day's contemporary catch from native fishermen and have it hard-boiled the method you wish it at some restaurants for an affordable fee.

Play an honest spherical of golf.
Several areas in Bintan are many well-developed golf courses within the space, excellent for people who need to fancy a leisurely game. Most of those will be found within the Lagoi or Bintan Resorts facet of the island.

Indonesia Temple: Bangkal Temple (Candi Bangkal) in East Java

Being among the field owned by residents, Bangkal temple location is still easy to visit because it is not far from the village roads were still impassable four-wheeled vehicles. A cement road connects the entrance of the temple with village main road.

It's a little bit hard to find the location of the temple, because the existing general map / sold in bookstores, not giving the exact location. Fortunately, the unique shape and height with the dominant red color makes it look pretty clear among green fields from a distance.

The temple located in the village Kambangsari, District Ngoro, Mojokerto. Red brick was the main ingredient to made the temple. Currently the condition is much eroded / cut / chunk in some corners.

Despite the overall condition, the temple is still looks pretty clear. It's just at the top, it seems no longer intact, it may have collapsed before. Reliefs that are on the walls of the temple's foot can still be seen quite clearly, and also some statues of Banaspati that exist in the body wall of the temple was seen attached to the place. There are total of six Banaspati statues, which is 3 at the entrance (west), and each on the other sides.

Inside of the temple, which is in the middle it was plastered relief Batara Surya who rode a horse. This reminds me of a similar relief I've ever seen in Jawi Temple and Badut Temple. They have a similar themes, but Jawi and Badut Temple made from andesit stone.

In front of this temple there are a pile of bricks that was expected to be a part of the temple's gate. While the northern side of the temple there are still some andesitic rocks that littered the specific forms. Possible andesite rock is expected to be a part of decoration and the temple.

Bangkal temples have been built between the 13th and 14th centuries AD. Like most other temples, temple of Bangkal has a symmetrical pattern on the architecture.