Friday, December 3, 2010

Solar Charger For Traveling

A travel solar charger is a great purchase for anyone who likes to travel. This portable energy device is easy to use and runs off of the sun's energy. A portable charger does not need any international voltage adapters because it never needs to be plugged into electricity. You will not have to worry about what adapter is used in the country you are going to; just bring your solar charger with you.

Portable energy has long been talked about among fanatical energy conservatists. It no longer is only for those people who are against electricity and the overuse of it. Now solar energy is becoming very mainstream and people of all economic levels are using portable solar energy.

You do not have to be extremely concerned about the environment to use solar portable energy. Although it is a great way to use our natural resources, solar power also offers great benefits to those that use it.

A travel charger that operates off of the sun's energy can go anywhere you go. You do not need to have an electrical outlet close by to charge your cellular phone. You can be backpacking in the mountains and have your phone continually charging. If you like to go on road trips you can set your solar charger right on the dashboard and let it charge your batteries or device while you drive to your next location.

The convenience that a solar charge brings to a travelers life is not just in its portability. Solar chargers are also a great way to save money. Instead of buying multiple adapters for international outlets, you can use the same solar charger in any country you travel. You also will not have to own multiple charging devices to power all your different electrical equipment because one solar charger can be used to charge most small electrical devices.

Travelers can use a solar charger to charge their batteries. They can also use this type of travel charger to power other small electrical devices like radios, MP3 players, and even laptop computers. There are many varieties of solar chargers available with numerous accessories you can add on. When purchasing a solar charger, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Many travelers have put off buying a solar charger because they believe these types of chargers will be too technologically difficult to operate. But solar powered chargers are as simple as any other charging device. You do not need a high tech degree to operate them. Most chargers simply have to be set in the sun and plugged into your device.

Solar energy is not a new technology. It has been around for several years. The portability of solar chargers has evolved dramatically in recent years. It used to be that you would have to own a huge solar panel just to draw a little bit of energy from the sun. Today, you can buy a small single solar cell panel that can be used to charge your electrical devices and batteries.

How To Choose A Travel Agent

With so many destinations to go to, it's important to plan accordingly. A travel agent will be able to acquire your tickets, hotel reservations, car rental, and activities all at once, saving you time, and thus, money. Booking a vacation can be a lot of trouble for just one person, but with a qualified travel agent, it's easy! Of course, like vacations themselves not all travel agents are created equal so you will want to shop around for the best one.

1. The Benefits Of A Travel Agent

Don't miss out on all that a vacation has to offer! A travel agent will be experienced with the top destinations at your travel area and be able to provide you with recommendations for where to go. As an industry insider, they can get special deals that you would not be able to acquire. You might pay a little bit more for this service, but overall you will save.

2. Do Your Research

Doing your homework doesn't have to take a lot of time. The best way to find a good travel agent is to do your research. You can talk to friends and family members who have used travel agents in the past. You can also use the internet to try to find the best agency or agent in your area. In some cases you will be able to read testimonials from other customers who have used a certain agency. Try searching for message boards that might give you some insight to good travel agents in your area. It is important to find a travel agent who understands your personal needs and desires when it comes to the type of vacation you are looking for. There are countless agencies that are available online as well where it is easy to select what kind of ammentities you are looking for.

3. Make Sure They Are Licenced

A licenced travel agent will be a member of the ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). Membership in the American Society of Travel Agents allows travel agents to work with other members to get the best deals and rates for you. Membership also requires certain qualifications so by finding a travel agency that is part of the Society ensures that you will be getting excellent service. Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to ask questions in order to determine if a travel agent is right for you. Questions such as, How long have you been in the travel business?, can be helpful in giving you a better idea of your travel agents background. You might even want to ask your travel agent for references.

4. Your Vacation Package

Putting together your vacation package just got easier with a travel agent. They will be able to interact with you and help you choose what features of your vacation you want to splurge on and what features you can skimp on. Don't need a luxury car, but want a great hotel? Done and done. Perhaps you want a tour included and thus won't need a car at all. Of course, your travel agent is unlikely to make any final decisions before consulting with you first. It is your vacation and therefore you should have the final say on everything planned. This is why it is important that you make yourself accessible to your travel agent.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How To Choose A Good Hotel

Whether you're going on a honeymoon, looking for a function venue, or just grabbing a couple of days out from your hectic schedule, choosing a hotel is one of the most important decisions in ensuring you have an enjoyable time. Despite the importance of finding the right hotel, it can often be quite difficult to strike a balance between quality and price, and often those hotels which appear more desirable are less than affordable. So what should you look for in selecting a hotel, and where should you go to try and find that perfect accommodation, whatever your needs?

One of the best ways to determine which hotel is right for you is to consider what you're looking for, and to match your requirements against the star rating assigned by tourist associations. Generally, the star system ranks from 0-5 on an ascending scale
depending on the extent of facilities and luxuries within the hotel. The higher the number, generally, the more expensive the room rate, which can help you gauge value for money. Of course, if you find somewhere with a higher star rating at a lower cost, then you can be sure this is likely to provide better value for money in terms of facilities and the level of service you can expect.

Another way to choose a good hotel is by going on word of mouth. What do your friends think about various hotels in the region? Has anyone you know had a particularly good (or bad) experience of hotels around about the one you are looking for? These can be good ways to ensure you get good value for money out of your hotel, and it can also be a great way to ensure you don't get disappointed. Additionally, the recommendations of people you know aren't tainted with commercial interest, and if someone tells you they had a good experience, they're more likely telling the truth than if you hear it from the hotelier himself.

Finally, a good place to check for hotel reviews and recommendations is the Internet, and there are numerous travel sites which host impartial reviews and write ups of various hotels and hostels. This can be a great, low cost way of ensuring you find a hotel that meets your requirements, and provides you with an enjoyable trip to help you relax and unwind.

Selecting a good hotel is never an easy process, but if you know where to look to find value for money, you might just end up with the right hotel for you. Finding a good hotel is partially down to knowing what you're looking for, and a great deal of it also comes down to experiencing what's available and at what price. However, with realistic expectations and an understanding of where to find good hotel rooms at an affordable price, you should be able to circumvent this traditional process, and end up having a great time, whatever the reason for your break away.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scuba Diving Locations in Bali

Despite a series of terrorist bomb attacks in 2002 and 2005 killing hundreds of tourists and locals hitting the tourism industry hard for short periods, the tropical Indonesian island of Bali is still attracting many vacationing tourists.

Tourists are attracted by the island's rustic charms, mystical culture and tradition, spectacular tropical sceneries and beautiful white sandy beaches. Many of these tourists are also scuba divers and are in Bali for scuba diving. After all, Bali was voted by several scuba diving magazines as one of the top ten dive location in the world.

Bali have many scuba diving locations where awesome underwater landscape and marine creatures abound. Let's take a tour of some of Bali's diving destinations.

Sanur and Nusa Dua - These 2 dive spots are located just 5 minutes away from the shore and therefore are very accessible. Beginners and novice divers will enjoy diving here because of the very gentle current. Visibility depending on seasons is low to moderate. Although hard corals are scarce, the many species of colorful fishes made up for the shortfall. Soft corals and sponges can also be found thriving on the reefs.

Nusa Penida and Lembongan Islands - Drop off reef diving is the main attraction on these islands. It is a 45 minute speedboat ride to the islands. Water visibility is rated as good because the islands are further away from the coast and therefore less polluted. The current here is very strong and experienced divers can enjoy drift diving. Sometimes the current may get too strong and dives may be abandoned.

There is a very good variety of hard corals, colorful sea gorgonian fans and many huge pelagic fishes to see. Highlights of diving here are sightings of huge schools of sweet lips fish, huge hawksbill turtles, sharks and giant manta rays.

Amed and Jemeluk Beach - These dive spots are one and half hour from Denpasar, a popular tourist town. Only experienced divers can dive here because of the strong current. The dives here can be very spectacular because of the long coastal reef, reef slopes and wall diving. Water visibility is moderate to good. This diving location is reputed to be the home of the best hard coral community in Bali.

The Padang Bay - This dive scuba diving location in Bali have a flat bottom seabed and is made up mixed reef and sandy bottom. Because of its close proximity to the shore, the water visibility is rated at best to be moderate. The attractions here are frequent sightings of large triggerfish and blue-spotted stingrays.

Tulamben Wreck Dive - For those who enjoy shipwreck diving, then this is the dive site in Bali that you must not missed. Water visibility here is fair to good and the current is generally gentle. Night dive on this wreck is described by many divers as spectacular.

The wreck was the USS Liberty, sunk in World War 2 by Japanese submarine torpedoes 1942. Since the wreck is so near the beach, scuba divers can simply swim to the wreck from the beach.

These are merely some of the many scuba diving destinations in Bali. For more excellent diving sites, you can check out with the many scuba diving operators when you are in Bali.