Sunday, January 20, 2013

Indonesian Islands: Umang (Pulau Umang) in West Java

Umang island is one of Indonesian islands with 5 hectares wide only. Located on Sumur Gulf, Banten, West Java. This island can be reached by small boat just 10 minutes from the gulf. If you stay in Jakarta, you need 4 hours drive to get in the harbor. The boat service only available until 9.00pm.

Launched on 2004, this tourism spot provide water sports services, such as: snorkeling, banana boat, and jet ski. The waters aroud this island is safe for water sport activities, because the waves are quite calm. Diving is not available because it is a shallow sea around. to be safe, better to snorkling in the morning or during the day because the waves are quieter.

 Other than a few water sports, visitors who spent the night in Pulau Umang can also swim in the pool directly overlooking the sea. Another option, a warm bath in jacuzzi which also overlooks the sea.

Visitors who like fishing, do not forget to do your hobby on the fishing plat form is often called by the fishermen chart. In the chart provided by the hotel, travelers can settle fishing. This chart is placed slightly jutting into the sea. In the middle of the chart is also available for a small shack just for relax and enjoy the food and drinks.