Friday, July 29, 2011

Bali Rice Terraces : Jatiluwih

Jati luwih is one of tourist attraction with a fine looking panorama. Variation of panoramic rice terraces, steps against the background of wooded mountains, is categorized as natural attractions are as exciting to Kintamani and Lake Batur.
Jatiluwih have cool air being located at an altitude of 7000 meters on top of ocean level. Additionally to its natural potential, Jatiluwih have the potential cultural story of historical events, particularly the development of a temple that connection with the name of one powerful king Ida Dalem Waturenggong Gelgel (1460-1551).
This tourist attraction is found forty eight km from Denpasar. It is located twenty eight km north of Tabanan city. Also had visited by local and foreign tourist who wants to relish the cool and the beauty expanse of rice terraces.
Jatiluwih is a true nature as a tourist attraction has been known since the Dutch power Bali (1910-1942). However the road that connects to the site is broken, then not all the tourists who visit there relish the attractive panorama. Poorly maintained condition lasted till 1970 and thereafter with the assistance of presidency funds, infrastructure development increasing attention. It seems that asphalt roads are engineered that may elevate the name Jatiluwih to be natural attractions for guests.
The tourist attraction has been equipped with parking facilities, toilets, and gazebos. Around the object has been engineered many restaurant in getting ready food and drink service. Roads are becoming upgraded in order that vehicles will enter from the east path is thru the T-junction of Pacung towards Jatiluwih.


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