Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jauk and Telek

These masked figures which still exist in Bali today. The males are called jauk. They wear special conical, pointed chandelier-like head-dress in the shape of a Buddhist stupa. The masks are similar in form and bright red color. The style of carving and painting resembles the mask of Rawana in Wayang Wong. The face is fierce, with large eyes, shiny visible teeth, and moustache and beard. The dancers wear long artificial finger-nails. The corresponding female characters are called telek. Their refined masks are also uniform; they are white in colour with visible teeth, but the expression is pleasant and smiling; these masks are identical to the Sang Hyang Legong masks preserved in Ketewel. The female dencers also wear the identifying pagoda-shaped crown and carry fans. (in Sanur area these dancers are called sandaran rather than telek).
At the present time the jauk dancers are rarely seen in dance-drama, and the telek dancers are hardly to be found at all. Two style of solo dance for a male dancer clad as jauk, however, are commonly included in concerts presenting a sampling of different kinds of Balinese dance.

From: Balinese Dance in Transition

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