Friday, September 23, 2011

Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran traditional village located in the Bangli district within 45 miles of the city of Denpasar, the village also very easy to reach. It is situated on Main Street Kintamani - Bangli. This is beautiful village, the beauty can be felt upon entering the village area. In the area of “Catus Pata” that is entering the boundary area of Desa Adat Penglipuran, there are village hall, community facilities and open space for landscaping which is the welcome area.

This village is one of the rural areas in Bali which has a regular arrangement of the traditional village structure, the combination of the traditional order with plenty of open spaces of beautiful landscaping makes this village represent the nuances of Bali in ancient times. Physical arrangement and structure of the village could not be separated from the culture that were held by Indigenous people and culture of its people Penglipuran also applicable to generation.

The advantages of this traditional village Penglipuran compared with other villages in Bali is, the front section houses a similar and uniform from the end of the main village to village downstream. Structured in such a tidy village where the main areas located higher and further decreased to the stricken area downstream. Apart form the same front, there is also uniformity in the form of materials to make the house. As for the soil material for the walls and roof made of bamboo for all the houses.

The village is located a bit high, so that the atmosphere was pretty cool. In addition to beautiful landscaping atmosphere, there also friendly villagers welcome the guests. Many tourists who come to enjoy the atmosphere of the village also see the craft in the houses. The crafts are made by the villagers. So for a long stay here is very enjoyable stay.

Indigenous villages including village Penglipuran perform rituals that many. While you do not have time to come on when the event above, you can enjoy the village atmosphere in the afternoon. Because at the time of the afternoon is generally the villagers out of the house after they finish doing their routine activities. They brand out to gather with each other villagers and the men removing their pet rooster, sometimes they do “Tajen” or chicken fight without the knife at roosters feet.

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