Sunday, November 13, 2011

Obama's Arrival Give Positive Image For Bali Tourism

U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to attend the ASEAN Summit in Bali in November 2011. Obama's arrival is believed to bring a positive image for Bali and Indonesia generally.

"The arrival of President Obama is believed to foster the trust of the international community of the security aspects of Indonesia and Bali as a host," said a member of Commission IV DPRD Bali, Tjokorda Raka Kerthyasa, in Denpasar.

According Kerthyasa Cok, this will mean very positive. Not only good for tourism in Bali, but also for Indonesia. That is, Indonesian security is unquestionable and Bali is considered very special.

Therefore, Cok Kerthyasa hope that trust should not be wasted. Therefore, the trust does not come just like that. Bali itself begin the long process that can be trusted internationally. Moreover, the arrival of Obama is certain to further catapulted the name of Bali in the international world.

Cok Kerthyasa said another impact of Obama's arrival is the growth of tourism and the economy of Bali. Both of these aspects will improve the living standard of the people of Bali. "Many of the positive impact brought about by the coming of the president. Examples Julia Robert's time to Bali just getting familiar with the international Bali, especially Ubud. Moreover, President Obama. It must stimulate the economy of Bali," said Puri Ubud this figure.

President Obama has twice scheduled to visit Bali. However, he failed to set foot on the island. This time, the public hope that Obama really come to Bali.

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