Sunday, March 25, 2012

Indonesian Islands : Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Island is a part of Indonesian islands located on the west of Padang province. The beaches of this island are terribly famous round the world as a surfing paradise with the foremost lovely panorama as an additional and. Mentawai Island has shoreline 758 kilometers. The foremost fascinating of Mentawai Island is that the wave. It's terribly roughly wonderful wave for surfing. The wave was found by Australian surfers who found it once they visited this island in ninetieth. Then they announced it into the planet, even they build some resorts to serve the foreign tourist who inquisitive about surfing. It becomes the start line of Mentawai Island because the World Surfing Paradise.

Geographically, Mentawai Island directly facing Indian Ocean has consistent wave year-round. Typically on April-August is that the best time for surfing as a result of the wave will reach until six meters high. It is the favorite ekstreme wave for the surfer. It's conjointly an equivalent time with summer vacation in Europe. So, that's why the foremost tourists are from Europe on that month.

Mentawai Island has four hundred surfing spot wave which is sometimes enjoyed by the surfer. From four hundred spots, there are twenty three spots that have international commonplace wave for surfing. The spot wave areas are in Nyang Nyang, Karang Bajat, Karoniki, Pananggelat, Mainuk (Siberut Island), Katiet Basua (Sipoira Island), Mentawai town, and Pagai Utara (Sikakap Usland).

International appreciation of Mentawai's wave because the best for surfing will be seen within the World Champion Surfing Series that typically be remained August. Based mostly on 2001 date, quite 3000 foreign tourists visit this event. It consists hr Australian tourist, thirty ninth yankee tourist, and therefore the rests are from Europe and Asian.

The significant facility is decided sixty exlclusive wave spot for surfing. Every spot is decided most for ten surfers. It's for avoiding the crash among the surfers once they are in action. There also are several resorts are engineered, like Makaroni in Silabu Island, Kandui in Nyang Nyang Island, Saraina in Mentawai town, Alloyta in Simakakang Island, and Surfing Ground in Katiet. The resorts serve hotel, restaurant, and bar that having special Mentawai style.

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