Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Property in Bali Seminyak

If you are looking for white sand beaches, sea, nightlife, trendy shops, just come to Seminyak in Bali. In addition, if you are searching for a profitable Bali Property investment, you are joining a lifestyle that attracts people who want to shop, enjoy the nightlife, wonderful beaches and warm smiles.

Compared to Legian, which is south of Seminyak, the area is more exclusive with luxury holiday villas for rent, classy bars and high quality restaurants. The ambience in Seminyak is somewhat more laid-back and sophisticated compared to Legian or Kuta. The beach is also usually quieter during the day. Did you know that Seminyak is known the fashionable boutique and upscale spa capital of Bali? Because this spot has become a favorite place for expats and retirees, Seminyak has developed in a vibrant place with luxury spas, top class restaurants, hotels, Holiday villas Bali, sophisticated shopping and more. For those reasons it has become one of the most well known tourist destinations in Bali. Subsequently the land and property cost are among the highest in Bali and are increasing even further.

Not more than 10 years ago, Seminyak in Bali was just a tiny village with green rice fields and dirty roads. Time has changed this place. The area is almost always in development, building on the few plots of bare land still available. The Petitenget, KuDeTa and Dhyana Pura beach make up most of the Seminyak beach strip as far as the eye can see. If you drive from the quieter Seminyak area to the south you will pass first Legian and than Kuta beach. Both Legian and Kuta beach are busier every day.

There is many choices for getting a drink or a bite to eat in one of the beach restaurants and bars in Seminyak but do not forget to be on the beach when the sun goes down to enjoy dramatic and beautiful sunsets, Bali Seminyak beach is perfect place for it.

Your holiday in Bali Seminyak is not complete without staying in a luxury villa rental. Many villas in the Seminyak location are in high demand and that’s why in general more expensive compared to other locations in Bali. However that is a small price to pay for being near all the action, fine dining and wonderful beach settings.

The attractiveness and popularity of Seminyak offers the best value for those lucky ones planning to purchase Bali property in this area. You may say that the property cost are high in Seminyak however the prices continue to rise and therefore property investments in the area are always profitable and good quality villa rentals are all the rage with guests from Australia, Europe, American, and Asia.

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