Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ecotourism Development Programs in Manado

Manado local government allocated Rp 98.5 billion to support development programs based ecotourism in the next five years, from 2010.

"The funding of this magnitude we needed to build and develop public facilities based on ecotourism in Manado start from Bunaken District until Malalayang Distric, also the government has already made pre tourism development design the next five years," said Deputy Mayor of Manado, Alfredo Benfica Mangindaan. From this pre-design of tourism the government hoped it would improve the social life based ecotourism Manado, especially to create a green and fun city for everyone who came to this city.

To this Mangindaan say, a number of designs have been prepared, such as: to build the “Raja Laut” Monument, Tongkaina District. Construction of tourist centers in Tuminting and Bunaken to further highlight the coastal areas, and construction of tourist center in Malalayang complete with supporting facilities and the development of religious tourism sites “Bukit Goa” on Mount Tumpa.

"In fact there are still plans to build several other tourist sites which equipped with supporting facilities, to provide convenience to citizens and all visitors to Manado," said Mangindaan.

Other jobs that will be undertaken by the government for Tuminting-Bunaken are concrete construction (north and south side), breaking wave pilings (north and south side), some buildings and dock.

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