Tuesday, July 26, 2011

History of Tanah Lot Temples

According to legend, this temple was designed by a Brahmin who wanders from Java. He is a successful Hindu Priest called Dang Hyang Nirartha. He was strengthened the assumption of the Balinese Hinduism and build six important temples which protected Bali Island on the sixteenth century. At that point the ruler of Tanah Lot, Bendesa Beraben, jealous of him as a result of his followers began to go away and follow Nirartha.
Bendesa Beraben told the priest to go away from Tanah Lot. Nirartha agreed and before leaving Tanah Lot, with his strength he moved huge stones to the center of the beach (not into the sea) and designed temples there.
He also modified her scarf into a snake to be temple’s guard. The snake continues to be there nowadays and scientifically this snake, as well as species of ocean snakes that have a characteristic flat tail sort of a fish, striped yellow and black color has three times tougher venom than cobra. The end of the legend states that Bendesa finally turned to Nirartha’s follower.

North of this site there's a temple situated on a cliff jutting into the ocean. This cliff connect with the land and formed sort of a bridge, arched so. If you go all the way down to the beach between the cliffs and Tanah Lot, then in an exceedingly explicit month you'll see my version of the best sunset. Sun red ball are right within the holed cliff. Looks like an eye that tired observing the globe. Unfortunately this scene only happens in sure months when the sun is sinking inclined to the north.

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