Sunday, July 24, 2011

Balinese Food Which I Never Eat More Than 5 Years

Hey guys, last night I just think about a food that I never eat for more than 5 years. It's a kind of food which woman dislike to cook but like to eat. Yes, It is an eel. Actually it's a common food for Indonesian people.
This animal can cooked in simple way: wash and fried it. Then eat it with rice. I show you the image of eel, before and after cooked.

Interesting to see how these scary animal change into delicious food. So, where we can get this creature? Simple, usually Balinese people walk trough the wet rice field at night to catch this eel by fishing them. While we are sleeping, the eel start their activity and come out from their holes. This is the right time to catch them as many as you like.

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