Sunday, July 31, 2011

Agro Tourism Village in Bali

There is no less than 10 cultivars of Bali snake fruit (Salak Bali). In general, the excess salak bali that stands out is sweet and small seeds. The fruit is oval, has scaly skin and yellow slightly brown color. It feels special, very sweet and crunchy texture. Seeds are also small and usually numbered 1-2 in each fruit. Bali snake fruit size is relatively small.

If you want to enjoy Salak Bali directly from the tree, you should try to visit the agro-tourism
Sibetan village. This village famous for its snake fruit, located in Karangasem, east Bali, exactly in the District Bebandem-about 83 km from Denpasar or 15 km from Amlapura.

As one tourist destination in Karangasem, Sibetan Village offers a panoramic view of nature (agro tourism). Situated at an altitude of 400-600 m above sea level, with an average temperature of 20 º -30 º C, the average rainfall is 1567 mm-20 000 mm per year. The climate is cool and fresh air makes this plant suitable to grow in this area. The fruits which produced by this village is renowned as the Salak Bali which has its own flavor and different kind of fruit from other regions in Indonesia.

That is why it was developed as an agro tourism village. Here tourists can find a variety of flavors and vegetation of snake fruit. The extent of Salak garden in this area is also interesting to watch.
Approximately 81.12% Sibetan area, which is 1.125 million hectares, is converted into a garden of snake fruit. Thus, about 14 varieties of salak vegetation can be found in this area. Tourists can watch the process of harvesting the fruits, including marketing.

source : berita bali

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